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Lets take a break from delving into the negative psychological effects social media has on our personalities and social relationships. One creation that has come from the influx in new apps and users accessing media platforms is memes. OwlNet describes memes as “a term first coined by Richard Dawkins, it is a cultural idea, be it fashion, technology, or ideology, that is self-replicated and spreads among the people.” In a world that wants information and punchlines delivered as quickly as possible, it’s no surprise that memes have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment online. Instagram, twitter, and tumblr pages have thousands of accounts devoted entirely to spreading popular memes. While some memes are for pure, innocent enjoyment, there have been issues in which people use them to crudely remark on other’s appearances. This can be incredibly detrimental to a person’s level of confidence. It is important to remember that although memes are often humorous because they’re poking slight fun at someone, the humor’s goal isn’t to make this person feel unhappy with themselves. Here are three memes I picked out that exemplify the true beauty and poetic nature of conversations through imessage.
In this scenario we see a classic example of a young man learning how to take advantage of his parent’s lack of knowledge about iphones. While parents are consumed with deciphering whether “LOL” stands  for “Lots of Love”, kids are changing their autocorrect settings with a quick press of a button. The party was voted the “coolest rager ever” and it was rumored that over 500 people attended.


My favorite part of this meme is the fact that Susan’s picture from the back required someone else to take the photo. Meaning someone is either as oblivious as poor Susan, or was laughing to themselves while snapping the picture of the back of her head, too excited to see what the car insurance woman would answer in response. Susan is committed though, and you have to respect that she really captured herself from all angles.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.16.26 AM

Here is an example of an amazing, trusting girlfriend. Not only does she request him to do goofy little poses to bring him out of his comfort zone, she also wants him to admit he came up with the unique pose all by himself the day prior. These are the kind of relationships we need in the world, bonds that encourage magnificent levels of creativity. Also note how patient she is with the “I’ll wait” comment. In a society that is constantly on the move, we need to remind one another that some things, like attempting to catch your boyfriend in a lie, are worth patiently waiting for.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 2.48.00 AM.png


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