Cyber Bullying: A Short Opinion Piece

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There is an existing misconception that hatred and intimidation signify a certain degree of strength within a person. I fail to see how either of these indicate high levels of confidence and collectiveness.

I think the true reason hatred is formed is by overindulging in social media accounts and feeling a sense of insecurity and jealousy when looking at others. Hate is an act of desperation, anyone can turn to it in moments of unwanted vulnerability.

“Ew her hair looks so bad here”

“Why does he not post photos with anyone, he must have no friends.”

Kindness and empathy take practice. Real power is the ability to think positively towards others, even when others don’t necessarily think positively about you. Empathize with people regardless to how your lifestyle aligns with theirs.

Everyone has the capability to care for people, but some transform this ability into constant distaste. These people are not more intelligent or even happier than others. These people are frankly plagued by the suspicion that if they chose to accept others, they face the potential consequence of not being accepted in return.

Blinding hatred has absolutely nothing to do with power and everything to do with fear. Remember that when you see someone being bashed on social media for the way they look or what they’ve said. Remember how that would make you feel if you were in their shoes.

Want more information?

Great short film about the dangers and damage of cyber bullying (picture also originating from link)


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