Luxy: Tinder for Millionaires

Luxy, a dating app catering exclusively to the financially elite remains topic of interest in the media, even though the app initially launched back in 2014. The creators describe Luxy as being well suited for millionaires, CEO’s, actors, and a multitude of other occupations that result in a hefty annual income.

The creators ensure this is nothing like a sugar daddy site, due to a selective process that quickly removes individuals that do not meet the criteria. Luxy’s purpose is to foster a community for like-minded people to meet and chat.

User’s begin by writing descriptive summaries about themselves, even including preferred luxury brands in a provided section. Luxy additionally requires users to submit bank statements, tax returns, or any other form of information that will verify an individual’s financial status.

Shelly, a 23 year old female from California, described her first experience with a Luxy user as a positive one.

“To my delight, he was exactly what I wanted- he looked like his pictures, had the job he said he had and conversation was great. I think Luxy’s verification system ensures there are no fakers.”

Luxy has previously been featured on CNN, Business Insider, and many other media sites.

On March 10th, 2016, the app was featured in a podcast by thegaurdian, analyzing the app’s purpose and observing how Luxy operates.

The app’s basic functions are not unlike the design of Tinder, with a similar selection system that allows the user to swipe a profile right if they deem the person attractive, or left if there is no appeal.

Users additionally have the option to upgrade to Luxy Premium, which grants them the ability to see the location of other users anywhere in the world and send unlimited messages.

Sadie Flood, a UCT student worrying about building loans rather than when to order the newest Gucci handbag, expressed that Luxy was an app she never saw herself using. However she did note the benefits of Luxy’s design.

“I can see where the allure comes from, not even in regards to the money aspect. The problem with dating apps like tinder is that the majority of people you match with just have a completely different agenda. People will send unsettling responses or will say things about themselves that blatantly aren’t true.”

So does this mean people with similar financial situations as Flood cannot sign up for the app, regardless of interest? Not necessarily.

When a sizable bank account is non-existent, individuals can let existing users decide if they are worthy of entering the app’s database. If the majority of users deem the person attractive enough by swiping “right”, then the individual is allowed to enter the Luxy community.

However according to Luxy’s website, fewer than 18% of the current users earn less than 250,000 a year, yielding that the majority of users are hold considerable wealth.

This hasn’t stopped people from attempting and ultimately failing to gain access to Luxy, with over 4,000 applicants reportedly removed for not meeting the requirements in August 2015.




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